Tuesday, February 16, 2010 8:22 PM

Guys, christine here.
Erm, the dinner on thursday at mrs koh's house might be cancelled.
As she's having some breathing difficulties.
So maybe it'll be some time in june.
Msg is passed down by fengying.
Do take note.
Bye (:


Friday, February 12, 2010 5:59 PM

Mrs Koh invited us to her house for dinner this coming thursday, 18th feb.
Please call her for more details :)!



Thursday, February 4, 2010 9:18 PM

Hiiiii! gracia's here to save 6c~ its been a wonderful time in sec school for me lah, but for you all i really don't know unless i've got the vision power to see how's everyone~ so.. basically, new friends, new classmates & new enviroment! So cooool. hahaha.

Hmmm.. So everyone's asking.. When are we going back to greenwood? What time? Or blahblah whatever shyt that stucks up in your mind. Take off that giant shyt, cos i'm gonna write it down here.

DATE: 12/2/2010. It's the celebration of CNY in every schools i supposed.

Mine was half day, so its about 10+. I also dont know you all one right? I cant possibly go around every single of 6c pupils school and ask the principle " eh siao eh, what time school end ah? " right? impossible hor. so ask your teacher la, or maybe wait and see that day la.

So yeah, i guess i'm keeping this blog alive! this blog is such a burden.. no la, joking joking. so anyway, so fast got test already right? mine all fail -.-~ so how's yourssss? :)

OHOH, && raaid's birthday is 4 days later!! Let's wish him a happy early birthday ah! but no worries, i can wish him on that particular day!! Don't jealous dont jealous~


Wednesday, December 23, 2009 10:44 PM

Hey 6Cs! All got your secondary schools already.
Hmm, for me, quite excited to start sec school.
Lol. But none of 6c in the same school as me D:
As my school is in yishun ._.
But will visit teachers during teachers' day!
So hope to see all of you again :D
Perhaps will miss some of my classmates..
Lol. Keep in contact uh, my dear ones (:
Ending, bye :D


10:06 PM
changed blogskin.

i changed the blogskin. i think im used to using my own skin :\
damnit. dont mess the blog alr lah T_T zzz, its a hard time changing it k. -.-
anw, gracia here ^-^~ all please remember to tag your sec schls (: ~
if you know any 6c pupils one too, tag it <:! tyvm.


Friday, November 20, 2009 3:34 PM

Hey people, here to update you guys on the class outing (:
Yesterday was the last day of school, gonna miss some 6cs ):
Alright, so going to etp on next saturday, 28th november.
Please try to make it yeah.
Time would be confirmed again, lol. And the meeting place.
People going should be ;
Me, glenna, joey, nylie, gracia, ryank., danish.
The rest haven't give me an answer, so please try to attend.
As no more school already, meet up more yah (:
Next thursday gonna get results, goodluck all :D

Christine, (:


Sunday, November 8, 2009 4:07 AM

Bell. Posting for this dying blog. -.- No one else seems to be updating except 3/4 person -.-. LOL. Fine. Im here to post. Crap. Last year alrd, going new sch next year :3. Keep in contact or not, you choose. (: . Lalalal, too bad lo if you never keep in contact with us :) Lesser outings for you then. LOL. anyway, class outing this nov? Who can go? I'll see first. No more pathetic 4 souls wandering around the streets again. D:

Bye, 123, thats easy :D


Hello~ we're 6c'09, greenwood primary :D. 39 of us, one for all, all for one! :D we have 20 boys, 19 girls. Actually we have 40, but he left for Japan. O:
Our form teacher: Mrs Koh.
Pe: Mrs Goh.
Music: Mrs Song.
Chinese: Mdm chu.
Malay: Mr Sha'ban.
Tamil: Mrs Joseph.

( Random order. )
1. Sanjay. - Woodlands.
2. Arsyad. - Whitley.
3. Aizat. - Sembawang.
4. Syafiq. - Sembawang.
5. Eugene. - Woodlands ring.
6. Haqim. - Woodlands ring.
7. Shaun. - Woodlands ring.
8. Raaid. - Ahmad Ibrahim.
9. RyanK. - Chung Cheng High Yishun.
10. Jefferson. - Evergreen.
11. Keane. - Bowen.
12. Merick
13. Danish. - Christ Church.
14. Ali. - Evergreen
15. Abdullah. - Woodlands.
16. Raees. - Fuchun.
17. RyanP. - Riverside.
18. Zhisheng. - Jurong West.
19. Peter. - Woodlands ring.
20. Gabriel. - Presbyterian High.
21. Jingen. - Bukit Panjang Govt High.

( Random order. )
1. Nicola. - Bukit Batok.
2. Fatin. - Admiralty.
3. Juliana. - Ahmad Ibrahim.
4. Nylie. - Whitley.
5. Deanna. - Woodlands ring.
6. Zhenlin. - Yishun.
7. Gecelia. - Canberra.
8. Brindha. - Riverside.
9. Chrystal. - Evergreen.
10. Glenna. - Evergreen.
11. Gracia. - Ahmad Ibrahim.
12. Joey. - Chung Cheng High Yishun.
13. Adeline. - Yishun Town.
14. Dana. - Angmokio
15. Fengying. - Woodlands ring.
16. Aliah. - Christ Church.
17. Farah. - Admiralty.
18. Santhia. - Christ Church.
19. Pavithra.

Pupils, please kindly tag what school you're posted to. Thanks <:~